Words just don’t get enough credit…


A word that you use over and over again that is not a “real” word, may end up in the dictionary.

The dictionary is “a users manual for communication”, as sited by Merriam-Webster. Who knew that “LOL” (laughing out loud) would achieve dictionary status? I wasn’t expecting the meaning of “SIC”, but it rang true.

WTF is listed, and why not, who doesn’t know what that means?

It seems to me that common words listed in the dictionary are the words we use frequently, and they earn the gateway to word heaven. Remember the old saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me?” That quote is misleading and untrue; words will either leave a breath of life, or permanently bruise the soul. Words are powerful, think before you speak… and cradle them lightly.

Other words are skillfully created by people who have jobs to create words. Yes, really, and if you want to be a lexicographer, you can be the author or editor of a dictionary. The internet is a vast resource for word databases, if you can possibly imagine. I wonder how many people are employed to determine a new word.

As we blog every day, let’s not take advantage of the endless supply of words that we use to share our passions, photos or whatever pops into our mind. They simply just don’t get enough credit!


Thank you for reading my post…

Enjoy your day


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