The Chalice – Susan Mattson Art


The Chalice:

Susan has fun with her artistic talents, and she enjoys a glass of fine wine upon occasion. She fashioned her chalice to selflessly share her high spirits, and I am delighted to say it is my favorite so far.

The deep violet base is configured with a gold perimeter that articulates the continuation of ringlets cascading up the stem and surrounding the diameter of the cup. The circumference of the base holds the shape of a small bugle, while the flute narrows on its upward path until reaching the drinking vessel.  The earthy colors of sapphire and midnight, blended with rustic hues and seafoam innuendos, conceive a mesmerizing pattern.

As the chalice stands upright, I envision it on an ornate table resting beside the mythical goddess of love, Aphrodite. Her slim fingers are embellished with gold rings and sparkling jewels, lavish bracelets and trinkets trim her velvety arm. The chalice beckons her lips to taste the sweet lavender drops, a wine fermented precisely for a goddess.

The darkness of the cup resting on its side, resembles a vestibule to the universe. Traveling back in time to the essence of genesis… the creation of life. The voyage transports me to the Egyptian era, and the chalice is resting in a foundation of precious metals and gold coins. It is laced with the charms of Kings and Queens, rulers of the dynasties. Treasure chests surround the chalice, enhancing its ancient beauty…

Thank you for joining me in my post.

Have a fabulous day!


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