Is Life… In Your Face…? (Social Media)

I often keep my phone in the kitchen, but it doesn’t keep me from checking it the first thing in the morning. I lounged in bed for awhile (it’s Sunday) then got up and checked my phone for notifications, there were none, so I just looked at the time, 7:43am. I woke up my iPad and remembered I was listening to songs on my playlist last night.

Magically, news stories appeared on my phone banner, I must have anwsered some questions incorrectly on the last iPhone update, or it was in some agreement I didn’t read. Before I swiped my screen clear, I saw that Trump is calling himself “a very stable genious” and that “frozen iguanas” were falling from trees. Now, that isn’t exactly what I wanted to think about today. I can’t quit obsessing about the poor iguanas.

I refreshed my email to see 14 new messages, of which 2 were spam. I’ve been cleaning up my email lately by dragging to spam, and if that doesn’t work, I try to unsubscribe. Watch out for unsubscribing because other companies grab onto that, I sometimes start getting more spam than I had before.

Two were from Pinterest, so I just need to go select “no email or notifications”, I think. I am going to delete my Facebook account and it’s contents, so I shouldn’t get any from them soon. There were 2 of those. My Google calendar is a gem every day reminding me what I have scheduled to do, or that I have no life whatsoever.

Amazon joined in twice, along with Norwex, GoDaddy, Apple, Good Reads, and a non-profit newsletter. I was suprized that I am getting emails from PCH Sweepstakes, didn’t they used to go door-to-door?

Then I thought, may as well go check out the Facebook notifications (I only get one if someone “mentions” me). I ended up on Facebook for 30 minutes, then decided to text with some friends and that was about 30 minutes on and off.

I looked at the clock, 9:20. Hmmmm… I just passed an hour and 35 minutes of my precious time. Is that what I had planned on doing? Nope. Then, I talked to my Mom on the phone for another 30 minutes (that’s a good thing). After 2 hours of not doing what I planned for the day, I dove into my to-do list. As I was vacuuming, I thought, nice… here’s a blog topic. Topics are everywhere.

How many hours was social media “in your face” today?

Thank you for reading my post!

Enjoy your day!


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