#3 of 10 – Have you ever been meandering through your day, minding your own business, pondering over all of the things you have to do, or should be doing, and then snap back into the present for a moment? The moment you realize that your left pant leg has been tucked into your boot the entire day, and the right one is not, and nobody told you. I’ve grasped on to those moments of reality… presenting…

Ten Things I’ve Noticed Today

#1 – People don’t tell you if you have toothpaste speckles on your lower lip.

#2 – You are going to have a bad day if your underwear/panties don’t fit right.

#3 – Desparate people… DO take desparate measures.

#4 – I love Snicker’s bars, and they are good with cheetos for dinner.

#5 – Bras suck

#6 – If you have a creative talent, check out http://www.HITRECORD.ORG

#7 – Some of the nicest people are the “baggers” at the grocery store.

#8 – Life IS crazy

#9 – People are their posting snapshots of their experiences with profile pictures and comments from dating sites on Instagram… funny as hell… but be careful if you are active on a site, you may be next.



Bentley - I think I’ll just help myself.jpeg

#10 – My dog can eat dogfood right out of the bucket.

Thanks for reading my post.

Enjoy your day!


Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. What’s your dog’s name? The picture is so cute!


  2. His name is Majik and he is a doll. Sorry for the delay, I was away from my computer for a few days.



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