Life Outside the Box – #10 Observations Today (9)

#9 of 10 – Have you ever been meandering through your day, minding your own business, pondering over all of the things you have to do, or should be doing, and then snap back into the present for a moment? The moment you realize that your left pant leg has been tucked into your boot the entire day, and the right one is not, and nobody told you. I’ve grasped on to those moments of reality…


#1- Banks. How many banks do we really need?

#2 – I don’t know if I’d name a restaurant the “Outback”. Just sayin’.

#3 – Sunday’s are my “Hell Yah” days. If it’s not a “Hell Yah,”… I don’t do it.

#4 – I still have the “My Pillow Guy” jingle stuck in my head.

#5 – I heard “Another One Bites the Dust,” 3 times today. Hmmm…

#6 – I evaded the “sock bandit” for 3 months… but he struck again last weekend. Where the hell do those socks go? Seriously.

#7 – Kevin Costner movies are awful but they are consistently awful. I know it’s going to awful, but in a Kevin Costner kind of way, so I watch them anyway.

#8 – I don’t know what “find yourself” means.

#9 – I still love crunching that just right layer of ice with my boots, so it cracks and shatters like glass.


Image result for comment box

#10 – I saw some people that need this blank comment box above their head. And leave it blank. 🙂

Thanks for reading my post!

Have a great week!



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