Is your phone getting more time than your family?

Good morning! It’s time to start your day. The alarm goes off and you’re ready to tackle the world, right? (Since I am a woman, this is from a woman’s point-of-view.)

Before you get out of bed, the first thing you do is grab your phone to check to see if you received any text messages, notifications or email during the night. You keep your phone within a foot of you while you sleep, just in case. Coffee is calling out to you, so you leap out of bed and head into the kitchen. You set your phone down and start your brew. Then, you check your phone again to make sure that you didn’t miss anything, even though you didn’t hear any rings, dings or notifications.

You jump into the shower, bringing your phone with you into the bathroom, just in case you get a message. When you get out of the shower, you check your phone again, just to make sure you didn’t miss anything. After dressing, you go into the kitchen where your husband is sitting drinking coffee, looking at his phone. You exchange a mutual “Good morning”. (It doesn’t occur to you at this point that you haven’t acknowledged your husband’s existance, unless he had sent you a text or posted on Facebook.)

While you’re looking at all the fabulous and informative posts from friends, family, sponsors and other pages you have “liked”, the kids come into the kitchen dressed and ready for breakfast. Oh shit, you forgot to wake up your 3-year old. You tell them to get a sugary bowl of cereal because you are too busy to make them breakfast and run down the hall to rise-and-shine your little one.

You usually don’t eat breakfast, because you don’t have time. The family is sitting at the table laughing and staring at their phones, while your little one is tossing her cereal across the room. You’ll clean it up later.

You look at the clock, “Oh no”, you’re going to be late for work if you don’t leave right now. The kids are shuttled into the car or out to the bus stop, and you almost trip over the flower bed outside your front door, because you are still looking at your  phone. As you are backing out of the driveway, you get an email notification and slam on the brakes to check it.

As you are driving, your phone is on the seat next to you, so you can make sure you don’t miss any important notifications. Oh shit, you forgot to tell your husband good-bye. When you get to work, you check your phone again, even though it hasn’t made a sound. And then you refresh your email, because you probably got an email but your phone just didn’t work right.

As you walk in the door to work, you are checking Facebook one more time, and bump into a co-worker, spilling their coffee. Throughout the day at work, you check your phone once every 15-30 minutes, just in case. At one point, you receive an interesting email and click on the link at the bottom.  More interesting stuff, and you keep clicking. You look at the clock and realize that 15 minutes has passed. Oh shit, I was supposed to have this project done in 30 minutes.

At the end of the day, you tell yourself how busy you were but you don’t feel like you accomplished what you wanted. As you get in your car, you check your phone again, just in case. On the way home, you grab some fast food, because you had such a busy day that you just don’t know how you’re going to manage to cook dinner. (And you’re sure your husband had the same kind of day… he is also very busy.) Thank goodness your husband picked up your 3-year old from daycare.

At the dinner table, eating the luke-warm food substance, everyone has their phone next to them, just in case. You ask “how was everyone’s day?”. Simulatenously, everyone answers, “Good”. Your daughter doesn’t share that she made the basketball team, and your son doesn’t share that he was bullied in the hallway, again. Your husband grunts, and turns on the TV.

After dinner, you check Instagram, and send 15 text messages to your friends. You don’t notice that your 3-year old has been missing for 20 minutes. You go into the bathroom and she has strung all of the toilet paper from the bathroom into her bedroom, and was using it like a bandage to wrap the dog’s leg. You scold her for being such a naughty girl, and, “Oh shit”, you forgot to let the dog out. You follow the smell of poop, rub the dogs nose in it, and send it outside.

By now, you are exhausted. There was so much to get done, and you didn’t do any of it. Your mind is racing but you decide you are too tired to accomplish anything. You put your 3-year old to bed, and check on the other 2 kids. They are fine and in their rooms, happily playing on their iPads and video games.

You join your husband for a moment on the couch, give him a kiss goodnight, and head off to bed. While you are brushing your teeth, one of your friends sends you a text message about an event this weekend. As the toothpaste is foaming out of your mouth, you reply. You will try to make it but you have been so busy lately, you probably can’t make it.

You realize that you haven’t had sex for a few weeks, and maybe you’re not that tired, so you adorn lingerie; sexy, silky and lacey. You walk back into the livingroom, where your husband is watching TV, and he is staring at his phone. You stand there for a few minutes and decide he doesn’t want or love you anymore, and trudge off to bed. You check your phone one more time before placing it on the nightstand beside you.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day…

Just in case you read my post… Thank you.

(P.S. Oh shit, you forgot to let the dog back in.)



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