Life Outside the Box – #10 Observations Today (11)

#1 – It takes 2 minutes to read a blog, and ten minutes to get through the ads.

#2 – Doesn’t anybody in the Twilight Series work? Oh yeah. The Dad.

#3 – Putting sheets on a king size bed is like wrestling a hippopotamus.

#4 – The word “interesting” is like the word “appointment”… it can mean anything.

#5 – Don’t tell people what they already know.

#6 – When you put staples in a small stapler and you break off a piece because there are too many, and put them in a safe place, you’ll never remember where you put them.

#7 – You can’t save the world.

#8 – There can be no love without understanding. Understanding is love, and love is understanding.

#9 – October is a great time to start road construction on a major highway in Montana. That way, it’s only 5 months of torn up, crisscrossed rumble strips, and angry drivers before spring comes.



#10 – Sometimes ya just gotta hang on for the ride…bill forest swirl 2.png

It’s the little things…


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