Okay, can’t figure out how to make this a top level page (security I think???) so just making this a blog post. Just a place to put videos I make. More to come as I learn more about editing and producing videos. This bear is a piece of steel-work art residing along the Missouri river […]

A retired man upon seeing An inanimate object Conjures memories of childhood Rare and vague images Feelings of peace during wartime A war between parents A family torn apart Moving far away Living with different people Farm and fields Chicken coop and pigsty Yellow bus, new school How can an inanimate object Conjure images, feelings […]

“Stop and smell the roses” Seemingly easy to comprehend But is there be a deeper meaning? What do the fates portend? We bring calamity upon our lives Fears, envies and stress We oft need a release Hearts and souls in distress A simple act, the draw of the scent To garden, to bush, to petal […]

70’s rock and ol’ blue eyes I dig classic tunes, it ain’t no lie I’m Old School, Old School ABC, NBC C-B-S That’s all we needed Cable TV’s a mess Mom and Dad provided Love and family Discipline, respect Good for you and me That’s Old School, Old School What? Old School, Old School So […]

Coming in September: It’s rare to find a date the organic way. Cyber-dating is the fad of the century, but it wasn’t what I expected when I signed up on Match.com. I had heard raving reviews about people on dating sites nurturing relationships, meeting their match, and pledging marriage. In spite of the online trolls […]

I didn’t think it would be good for her to drive across town to pick me up. I had just arrived in Bozeman by regional bus, which was delayed a few hours by the weather. A storm system was chasing us, bringing significant snow and blizzard conditions. This early December evening was dark and bitter […]

#1 – It takes 2 minutes to read a blog, and ten minutes to get through the ads. #2 – Doesn’t anybody in the Twilight Series work? Oh yeah. The Dad. #3 – Putting sheets on a king size bed is like wrestling a hippopotamus. #4 – The word “interesting” is like the word “appointment”… […]